Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tongchuan, Shaanxi

Tóngchuān is a prefecture-level city located in central Shaanxi Province, on the southern fringe of the Northern Shaanxi Plateau and the northern boundary of Guanzhong Plain.


Tongchuan’s main industries are coal, building materials, machinery, textile and chemical and aluminium industry. Pottery and porcelain, with Yaozhou Kiln products are particularly well known. Tongchuan also produces medicines and food products.

Farm products include apples, hot peppers, Chinese prickly ash, garlic, flue-cured tobacco, walnuts and precious Chinese medicine herbs. Apple wine, apple vinegar, apple soft drink which are made of apples and processing products of hot pepper, walnut and etc are well-known in China and are exported to Southeast Asia.


There are the ruins of the Yaozhou Kiln, the remains of Yuhua Palace, and many rare historical relics. The Forest of Stone Sculptures on Yaowang Mountain is a major historical relic under state protection.

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